1321 N. American Street, Suite 101, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Behind the Scenes of Building Dwell 2nd Street

Dwell 2nd Street Construction

Searching for a luxury apartment in a vibrant neighborhood? Dwell 2nd Street has all of the amenities and features you could imagine, and it’s under construction as you read this blog! 

We had the chance to speak with Service Manager Rob Dacenzo for a behind-the-scenes look at construction of our apartment community. Read on to learn all about the progress we’re making, what goes into the construction and the highly anticipated results. 

Service Manager Rob Dacenzo sporting his hard hat and a smile on site
Service Manager Rob Dacenzo sporting his hard hat and a smile on site

Q: How far into completion is the project? What’s the ETA on when it will be complete?

A: We are looking at possibly opening some time in February, but we will start to offer hard hat tours towards the end of January. We’re excited to show the community our progress!

Q: How big is the team working on the project?

A: A large group is working on this project, including the Klein Company, Domus Construction and several wonderful union team companies based in Philadelphia

Q: In your opinion, what are the most interesting features within the construction project that you’re most excited about?

A: There are so many interesting things. The game room is my favorite next to the pool. The underground parking garage is also an added bonus to this beautiful building.

The Dwell 2nd Street pool looks more and more like a pool every day!
The Dwell 2nd Street pool looks more and more like a pool every day! 

Q: What is your favorite thing about the neighborhood surrounding Dwell 2nd Street? 

A: I grew up around here, so that makes this project even more exciting for me. This area is just perfect. Public transportation is a few blocks away, there are tons of Fishtown and Northern Liberties nightlife options and the food and people are great—it’s just an awesome area. 

Q: Do you have a favorite place near the property to grab lunch or drinks?

A: There is no clear favorite for me. I like to switch it up, but places like Front Street Cafe, Snap Kitchen and Honey’s Sit and Eat are just a few examples of nearby restaurants I can walk to and have a great meal. 

Q: Do you have anything you’d like to say or pass along to future residents of Dwell 2nd Street?

A: To any future residents: I am excited for you to come call this wonderful building home. I can assure you that you’ll love it as soon as you walk in the door.

Thank you to Rob for giving us a sneak peek into the construction process and our apartment community’s Fishtown, Northern Liberties and Olde Kensington neighborhoods. Mark your calendars for a tour at the end of January, and start an application to find your new home at Dwell 2nd Street today!